The First Steps

It's always the steps closest to the door that are unsure, in either leaving or arriving. Our departure from home was fine and the drive to Orlando International Airport (MCO) was quick and uneventful. It was the last mile or so that caused the first whichway only because we were not sure of the entrance into the parking lot, the one with long term at a lower rate with a shuttle.

After a quick circle through the short term high rate garage, we exited and got directions from the toll taker to the red lot. Within moments we were parked, on the shuttle on on our way to the terminal, odd use for a word that for us is the beginning.

The whimsical-with-a-nod-to-the-future architecture of Orlando is present at the airport as well as bright signs and glass shuttles and assistants to manage at a moment's notice any too large queue or misdirected foot traffic. I believe the place to be conceived with the arrivals in mind with methods to way welcome and embrace and verify and transport and entertain for as long as possible before having to manage the same people again as departures...tired, tired, tired.

I bought a pack of M&M's for the flight and a copy of The Daily Telegraph, the only London newspaper in the newsstand.

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